Building long-lasting relationships with journalists.

Building a relationship with a reporter is imperative.  It all begins with understanding the journalist and the media outlet, and pitching them a relevant story. While there is no magic formula on how to pitch a story to develop a long-lasting partnership, I have used the following rules throughout my career.

Research:  My first rule is to conduct research to look for the right person in the media outlet that covers the particular topic I’m going to pitch. Then read, view the last stories that particular reporter has done. Don’t forget to check their Twitter/Instagram/Facebook pages.

Source of Information: Reporters need to meet critical deadlines.  Instead of being a roadblock I like to prepare a fact sheet, provide pictures, video and any extra material I can provide to make their job easier. Important always include the social media handles of the particular client. We need to stay social!

Timely: Reporters are looking for fresh content. Plan ahead is the key to a successful pitch. Features reporters have more leverage on time, however, always is good to be ahead of the game.

Honesty: Journalists are extremely busy. I always make sure to be a source of help by providing a story that is complete. Broadcast media requires extra thinking, meaning do we have a good video of the story? Do we have all the elements needed? Renderings? Thinking of this ahead of time will elevate your pitch.


These particular rules, self-imposed, have helped me with long, respectful and mutually beneficial relationship with members of the media.  Consistent media coverage is one the of key components of a well thought public relations camping.  At Camelo Communication, we developed media campaigns that take the business to the next level.


by José Luis Dieppa

Public relations professional skilled in building relationships with the target publics.

José Luis is an Emmy nominated journalist whose passion is to tell your story.

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